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Your safety is our priority

Our technicians will do a brake check on your vehicle to ensure that your brakes are always at their best. We need to examine your vehicles braking system to identify if your brakes are still in good condition or need to be replaced.

Good brakes

Regular brake inspection should always be a part of your vehicle’s maintenance. Below are some steps to check good brakes.


  • Listen to your brakes – if you don’t hear any unusual noise like grinding noise when you use them, it’s a sign that you don’t need any adjustment or replacement.


  • Check your brake warning lights – if there’s no warning on your dashboard it means that your brake fluid is okay.


  • Observe the brake pad – Most vehicles the brake pad can be seen through the wheel. Brake pad should be thick.


  • Feel the brake pedal and steering wheel – if you don’t feel any vibration in your steering wheel and brake pad it’s a clear sign that your vehicle doesn’t have any brake pad and steering wheel issues.


Bad Brakes

Below are some signs that you have a bad brake and need a brake service and repair.


  • When you feel a grinding sensation as you stop or apply the brake

  • The vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes

  • When you hear unusual noise or squealing when you apply the brakes

  • When the brake pedal can be depressed nearly on the floor




These are just some steps to know on how to check your brakes. But we still recommend visiting your trusted technicians at Eastern Auto Repair shop. so that they can personally check your vehicles.