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Keeping you and your car running smoothly

It’s always more efficient to consider car repairs early before small issues into large ones. The exhaust system in your vehicle is critical to safety, both for the engine’s health and for you. Aside from keeping the car quiet, it also serves to ensure that fumes will stay outside and lowers harmful emissions into the environment.

Identifying good and bad exhaust

  • When you don’t hear any noise in your catalytic converter it means that you don’t have any issue in your catalytic converter but if you hear any noise similar to shaking a can rocks whenever you’re driving this is an issue with your vehicle’s catalytic converter that may affect your exhaust system.


  • If your car’s fuel tank is still efficient it mean that you don’t have any issue with your fuel efficiency however if your tank requires more often than before, increased fuel use means that indicator of a leak somewhere within your exhaust system that may have detrimental effects on the rest of your vehicle.


  • Consider the look of your muffler and exhaust system, if you noticed any excessive rust or the corrosion has reached levels it means that your system is unsafe. If you don’t see any of these meaning you still have a good exhaust system.



These are just steps to identify a good and bad exhaust system, we highly recommend to bring your vehicle to your trusted technicians at Eastern Auto Repair so they can check your exhaust system for your safety.